Ori and I spent 3 days last weekend in the port town of Valpariaso. This city of 200,000 came to prominence in the 1800s as ships from Europe would make their first stop in Valparaiso after rounding Cape Horn, en route to California for the Gold Rush. The city lost much of it’s maritime significance with the opening of the Panama Canal about 100 years ago, but it is still a mecca of art and culture in Chile, and is also the seat of Congress.

Not going to write a long post here, but wanted to share some photos that we snapped over the weekend while wandering the narrow, hilly streets of the Cerros (hills) Concepcion and Allegre. These areas, UNESCO world heritage sites, are beautifully preserved, with strict guidelines about what changes can and cannot be made to buildings there. Our Bed and Breakfast was on Cerro Concepcion, on a street that felt like it belonged in Greenwich Village–with many artsy cafes, galleries, and boutiques.

The food in Valpo was excellent, albeit expensive. We enjoyed wonderful seafood, Italian food, and tasty cookies called Alfajores, often from a restaurant high on a hill offering beautiful views of the colorful city and the ocean below. Definitely a city to check out–we’d love to go back!

View from Paseo Gervasoni

Cerro Alegre, as seen from Cerro Concepcion

Funicular "Concepcio" the oldest in the city, built in 1883. This one was 69 meters long and had a pitch greater than 45 degrees! You don't need to consult a compass to know, that's steep!

View of Valpariaso from the top of funiclar Artilleria


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